Gel Ice Packs: The Best At-Home Healing Modality – If Used Correctly

Ice packs have been a long-standing staple in the physical therapy and sports-science realm; however, their proper use has been a long-standing debate for the past several decades. The newest emerging research indicated that room temperature ice packs may be better for you than a traditional frozen ice pack.

Room temperature gel ice packs are becoming increasingly popular for their many benefits over traditional frozen ice packs.

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One of the biggest advantages of a room temperature gel ice pack is that it can be used immediately without the need for freezing. This is particularly useful because the convenience of using a room temperature ice pack allows for higher rates of compliance among patients. They are more flexible, more comfortable, and allow for use directly on the skin without risk of cold-burns or a rebound inflammatory reaction if left on too long, unlike a frozen ice pack.

(Rebound inflammatory reactions are the result of your body trying to save tissue that it assumes is at risk of damage or dying from cold exposure. This rebound reaction can result in delaying or reversing the healing process.)

Here at Bonesetters, we recommend the use of a room temperature ice pack, or “cool pack” for 10-minutes every hour. Leave these cool packs scattered throughout the house and in areas were you frequently rest or lounge for several hours at a time. This means you can have one at your desk, couch, bedside, and even in your vehicle during cooler weather.

Refrigerator cool gel ice packs may be used for more accute injuries and for larger areas like the low back, buttock, or hips. Otherwise, room temperature cool packs are more effective at reducing overall inflammation in a gentle and convenient manner.

Overall, room temperature gel ice packs are a convenient, effective, and safe alternative to traditional frozen ice packs. They offer many benefits and are a great option for anyone looking to reduce pain or inflammation.

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